1. Where and when will the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun 2017 South Africa take place?

Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun South Africa 2017 will be held on 14 October 2017 in Paarl Western Cape South Africa.

The description of the course and the details of the obstacles will be made available on our official website 8 weeks before the race. (www.strongmanrun.co.za)

2. Is this a weekend event?


The main event takes place of Saturday 14 October 2017 with the Kiddies Village, beer tents, food and beverage, and gates open at 06:00:

  • 8km race starts at 10:30

  • 15km race starts at 10:15

  • 21km race starts at 10:00

3. How is the timekeeping done?

Entry Ninja is appointed as our preferred race time management service provider.

5. Is the number of entries limited?


The Organizing Committee decided to limit the number of participants to 5000 which is apportioned as follows:

  • 21km 1500 entrants

  • 15km 2000 entrants

  • 8km 1500 entrants

6. What is included in my entry?

The entry registration includes:

  • Your right to show your mettle against global and other SA competitors

  • The starter goody pack with the start number and partner promotional gifts.

  • Refreshments (water and energy drinks from sponsors) on the race route and at the finish line

  • Security to ensure your safety at the stadium and at critical points on the route

  • Medical and first aid assistance on the route if needed

  • Change room and shower service

And of course…an unforgettable race!!!

And, passing the finish, as a gift, a finisher medal and a StrongmanRun South Africa finisher T-shirt!

8km: 10years to 15 years have to be with a adult medal, t-shirt and concert ticket.

15km: 16years up medal, t-shirt, message and concert ticket

21km: 18years up medal,t-shirt,, message, concert ticket and goody back only 21km gets goody bag.

7. What are the conditions of participation?

  • Submission of the online entry form

  • Signed indemnity form

  • Payment of the relevant fee.

Age restriction – For the 8km race the minimum age is 10 years, and for the 15km race the minimum age is 16 years, and for the 21KM race the minimun age is 18 years provided he/she is of full age upon the event day.

8km: 10years to 15 years have to be with a adult medal.

15km: 16years up

21km: 18years

The school with the most entries will get a Big Trophy.

8. Is it possible to change or to cancel my entry registration?

The entry registration cannot be cancelled. It is possible to transfer your registration to someone else, after payment of a handling fee to Entry Ninja. For transfers Entry Ninja must be contacted 30 days before the event date. Transfers will not be allowed on race day.

It’s not allowed to transfer the entry registration to the next edition of the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun or to ask for a refund of the registration fee.

9. What are the necessary documents to pick-up at registration?

Race goody pack and the start number

Since we have so many entries we do registration (pick up racepacks) on Wednesday Thursday and Friday No Pick up on Race day

Entries close 5 Oct.

10. When can I pick up my race pack and start number?

You can pick up your race pack and start number at one of the registration points:

  • 11th oct Sportmans Warehouse Rondebosch 10h00 till 15h00. 12th Oct Sportmans Warehouse Tygervalley   10h00 till 15h00. 13th Oct Paarl Mall next to N1 high way. Venue inside to be confirmed 10h00 till 19h00.

Big build courage party at Primi Piatti Paarl with all overseas competitors. Come meet and great your fellow runners. Please phone Primi to book your table. We will eat pasta all night. This is now in Paarl and Ferdinand Rabie will be your host until 22h00. It will start at 18h00.

11. Can I appoint someone to pick up my race pack and start number?


The participant must send a signed letter of consent with the person collecting to pick up your goody pack and race number at one of the registration points. Remember to give him/her a copy of your ID or passport!

12. Are there start groups?


Entry Ninja will assign dedicated groups in the registration. Marshalls will control the starting groups on race day. The race numbers will be assigned automatically based on when you enter. There are no start groups based on time performance except for the elite runner group.

13. How can I sign up a team?

Initially every person’s needs to enter and pay for his/her own entry and 2 months before the event team captains will be able to register ID numbers of his team members with Entry Ninja.

14. Are there change rooms?


Showers are under the stadium and at municipal swimming pool.  Bag drop is on stadium at the top of the stairs.

15. Are there refreshment points?


8km 2 waterpoints

15km 5 waterpoints

21km 6 waterpoints

This includes the finish waterpoint and we have 1 extra waterpoint for 15km and 21km

16. Are there toilets?


Toilets will be present in the start/arrival area and at selected fan hot spots on the route for use by runners.

17. What kind of shoes is recommended?

Run with normal running shoes. Nails and cleats are absolutely forbidden. Do not wear the newest pair of shoes that you have: they will be very dirty and possibly damaged during the run. Consult your dealer and remember that Brooks have the rights shoes to use during the run!

18. What kind of clothes is recommended?

We recommend wearing light clothing. A pair of shorts and a t-shirt is perfect, because you will continue to wear them even when wet (and we promise you that all your clothes will be wet!). In any case, you can buy Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun official merchandise on the Brooks website or at the stadium outlets.

Remember this is the biggest mass dress up start of obstacle racing in the world

19. When and where can I see my result?

The result list will be posted on our online website link with www.trailtag.co.za

20. What are the prizes?

Fame and glory! Instead of cash prizes, trophies will be awarded to the top finishers. The award ceremony will take place at 16:00 at a podium near the start/finish line.

Regardless of runner status, a professional runner, an amateur, man or woman: anyone who accepts the challenge is welcome!

21. What are the rules that apply to Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun?

  1. If you fail to overcome an obstacle, or if the race cannot be completed due to an injury, your run will be considered “failed”.

  2. Failure can also include unsportsmanlike conduct and misbehavior, the unlawful aid from outside, the cutting of the course, the intentional damage and not crossing the checkpoints along the course. The marshals on the course will communicate the race number of a failed runner by radio to the organizers. The race can be continued, but the result of the disqualified runner will be signed on the rankings as “failed”.

  3. The marshals on the course will direct proper engagement of obstacles and will ensure that bottlenecks do not form. The course has been designed so that the obstacle waiting time is reduced to the minimum. In case of waiting organizers rely on the spirit of good sportsmanship to ensure successful engagement by all participants.
  4. Participants who take more than 5 hours to complete the race will not be included in the rankings and cut of will be at 15:00.
  5. You may not assign your start number to another person, if not done according to the rules specified in paragraph 8.
  6. The Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun will take place under any weather conditions!
  7. Rules can be changed without notice based on practical and safety considerations, and such changes will be publicized on the strongman.co.za website

22. What happens if I get injured during the race?

Ambulances, medical staff and assistants, will be located at designated points along the route to provide you with assistance in case of injury or illness. If you will not be able to walk because of an injury, you will be transported to the nearest first aid station or the field hospital at the stadium where required.

By entering online all participants declare to be physically healthy and that there are no medical indication that preclude participation in a running a race with obstacles.

23. How do I get the locations of the races?

Directions supplied on the website. Go to 

24. Is there the possibility of camping or other types of accommodations?

Accommodation Options 

Several camping sites and school hostel rooms will be available in close proximity to the stadium where the event will be taking place. Bookings can be done online in the link provided on our website. Go to